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A new comer to photography!

Now I am practising with a Nikon D5000,18-55mm DX Lens and 50mm 1.8G Lens.
Go to my Flickr site to view more work.

Language Aquisition

My undergraduate education involves an old but still active language which is the mother tongue of over one hundred million people. This language opens a new window for me to a culture built by a meticulous and hard-working ethnic. Lernen wir zusammen, wenn Sie sich an Deutsch interessieren! (Let's learn together if you are interested in German).
Hint: in my Email address, "Maus" means "mouse" in German, indicating the symbol @; "Punkt" is "dot" in German..

Referral of Tools (Just Click and Get the Invitations, both of us can benifit)

It was writeLaTeX, online collaborative LaTeX editor.

Monitor how long you have coded today!